Optometry Technician

We are always on the look out for passionate and qualified individuals to join our team. If you are interested and think you have what it takes. Please submit your resume by clicking below.


Please contact us if interested. We look forward to you joining our team!

Associate Optometrist 

To all possible candidates looking for an excellent opportunity in a thriving city,


We are always looking for qualified Associate Optometrist to join our team at LensCrafters in Columbia, South Carolina.  From the clinical side, we are a primary care facility with a large specialization in the fitting of all types of contacts.  Our goal is to dilate 100% of our patients and you will have full tech support, as well as state of the art, digitalized pre-testing equipment that provides you with Topography, Auto-Refraction, Auto Keratometry, and Aberrations for each person that comes into the exam lanes. We also feature an Optos Optomap which patients can choose to have that provides fundus photography.  We have a Zeiss digitalized refraction system that allows the doctor to "spin the dials" from an iPad and at the end instantly demonstrate current prescription in comparison to today's findings.  This system utilizes split prism Snellen charts eliminating the patient confusion of which is better one or two!  We have demonstrations of ocular conditions as well as lens explanations that can be revised in the exam lane or emailed to the patient directly.  Our office does have electronic health records since 2011 and recently switched to Revolution EHR.


Open to all applicants, new, old, fresh out of school. We are an equal opportunity employer. The average amount of patients seen per day can range from 18-24. Can be more during the busier times of the year. But always manageable. Typically middle-aged patients. No medical at present, only vision. You will report directly to the owner, no going through techs or answering to someone other than a doctor.


Columbia, SC is one of the souths best "hidden gems" as mentioned in an increasing number of articles over the past year. It is centrally located <2 hrs to the mountains and <2 hrs to the ocean! Snowboard one day and then be sipping margaritas on a beach in Charleston the next. Reach famous cities such as Charleston & Greenville SC and Asheville & Charlotte NC within less than a 2 hr drive. And it's only a 3 hr drive to the metro giant Atlanta! Experience the best the south has to offer in a manageable up and coming city that is home to one of the top college football teams in the south and a city that has new breweries/restaurants and hotspots for young adults opening up every month!


Please contact us if interested. We look forward to you joining our team!